Why Do Travellers Need an Absorbent Underwear?

Why Do Travellers Need an Absorbent Underwear?

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With great travelling comes great packing. Admit it or not, packing can be essentially boring, BUT packing the right things for your travel makes the journey ten times better. And when it comes to the right things, undies will always top the list. However, the pressing question is: what undies should you take?

As you stand in front of your drawer, planning and confused, we offer you a solution: ask yourself, what is the one thing you WILL need? Sweat-absorbent underwear (like Tilt of course). Absorbent panties are the perfect set of travel underwear to pack. Most female travellers struggle with chafing when they hike and have to deal with heavy, wet crotch issues en route. Dirty bathrooms, no toilet paper, no jet sprays and more. For all of that and more - you need easy absorbency!

Moisture-wicking underwear ensures you’re covered on any fancy, rugged, incredible journey you go on. . If you’re still not sure, here’s a walkthrough to make you understand why sweat panties are literally the best travel panties.

What are absorbent panties?

Before knowing the whys and hows, here’s what absorbent panties are-


Absorbent underwear goes by many names. famous with various nicknames. It could be moisture-wicking underwear, sweat-absorbing underwear or even just a pair of travel panties (well they are loved by travellers). The fact is, they are precisely what their name suggests. Absorbent panties are a category of undies that have layers made out of special fabric in order to make them absorbent as they make you feel dry simultaneously.


Pretty cool, right? That’s exactly how we feel when we see our Tilt undies. A sweat-absorbent undie draws away the moisture or dampness (caused by sweat, urine or discharge) by locking it away to the outer layer. This helps the moisture to evaporate easily and poof, you don’t have to feel wet unnecessarily.


Reasons Why you Should Have Absorbent Underwear

I mean, who would like to stroll around drowning in sweat and whatnot? Here’s everything that makes absorbent undies the biggest help-

  • Hygiene- moisture and damp areas can lead to unpleasantness and bad odour that can make you feel gross. Sweat panties will automatically dodge these situations due to easy evaporation and faster drying.
  • Avoid infections- an increased amount of sweat or moisture leads to an outgrowth of pre-existing bacteria/yeast down there. This can lead to infections like bacterial vaginosis or jock itch. Absorption will instead help you remain dry and not get any of these.
  • Helps with Incontinence- having an overactive bladder or urge incontinence can lead you to urinate even during the most unexpected situations. However, having absorbent underwear can easily help with backup.
  • Hyperhidrosis friendly- if you are someone who sweats excessively, then these undies will have your back.
  • Comfort- let’s not forget the comfort one can get by avoiding all the moist business down there and enjoying their travel to the fullest.
  • Prevents Vaginal Irritation- along with the infections, dry and good fibre for absorption will help you prevent any itching, rashes or bumps in your nether regions.


Well, what isn’t there to love? Even walks through a coastal area would feel dry if you are breezy with just a pair of undies. It is however important to note that sweat panties aren’t simply limited to people with excessive sweating. Anyone who wants to steer clear of nasty sweat marks or uneasy wetness can rely on them, and we suggest you do!

What to look for in Travel Underwear

Don’t get your knickers in a twist ;)  We have you covered if you’re a noob regarding absorbent panties like we once were. Here’s a list to check out before buying-


  • Breathability- it is one of the most major factors to consider while buying any pair of sweat panties. Good absorbent underwear will have fabric that will let the vagina breathe by allowing proper airflow and good blood circulation. We know this because we make these :D Make sure to check out the sizes and fabric for the same.
  • Antimicrobial- sweat-absorbent underwear should definitely be anti-microbial. A microbe-proof layer has the ability to dodge unpleasantness as well as infections.
  • Comfort- make sure to choose a pair of underwear that helps absorb a lot of moisture while not making you feel baggy. It is essential that your travel panties allow enough comfort for you to enjoy your trip.
  • Fabric- no matter how good those undies look, travel panties must have good fabric. Having a skin-friendly fabric will let you dodge infections, rashes and suffocation. Good fabric also means you get better and faster absorption.
  • Durability- if you’re investing in them, they should be beneficial for a sufficient time. It is as simple as that.

Just head to our undie page and we assure you of every feature listed here! 

Wrapping Up

Sweat absorbing underwear is undoubtedly the most excellent set of travel panties to ever rely on. Your extra miles and crazy heights could easily be enjoyed when you’re covered by the right layers! So check out Tilt and go on that amazing adventure waiting for you. All Dry, no Cry Guysss!