The Best Panties for Your Body Type!

The Best Panties for Your Body Type!

With the choices and varieties we have today, underwear shopping can be quite the overwhelming journey you weren’t hoping for—so many different styles of underwear, such less time to think it over.

Before you know it, you would have already bought a pair of different style underwear which isn’t the best underwear for your body type.

Wait, there are different styles of underwear for different body types? Well, yeah.

Whether you have an apple body shape or a pear body shape, who wouldn’t want comfort while they are in style? And for that, we need to make sure to explore the different styles of underwear and find out the best one for our body type. Here’s a complete guide on choosing the best underwear for your body type.

What to Consider while buying Panties?

It is important that we understand the various factors which help determine our choices. Finding your perfect undie could be difficult when the market today is filled with different style of underwear with a variety of whatnots. But first - here’s what to take into account-

  • Fitting and Size- whether it is bras or undies, purchasing the wrong sized undergarment can cause a lot of discomfort. Make sure to properly measure yourself and choose a size which best suits your comfort.
  • Styles- different styles of underwear exist and you should freely explore them. Choose whatever makes you feel good and comfortable, make sure to check out Tilt while you’re at it.
  • Be Practical- while lacey thongs and silky fibre seem sexy and appealing, we shouldn’t forget our daily lives and the activities we do all day. Make sure to choose underwear that helps you get through your day without making you feel unpleasant or uncomfortable.
  • Body shape- it is not necessary that every pair of underwear can make your body feel comfortable. Some undies go really well with specific body types. Know your body type well enough to buy something that can provide comfort as well as style.

Remember that underwear is a form of intimate clothing and there should be no compromises when it comes to what your body needs. Seek any different style of underwear as long as it assures intimate hygiene and comfort while making you feel good in your own skin.

Choosing Underwear for your Body Type

While different styles of underwear are a maze as it is, a lot of us find ourselves confused over what is an apple shaped body or what a pear body shape really looks like. Here are the different body types and the kind of underwear that suits them best-

Round Shape/ Apple Body Shape

What is an apple-shaped body? Well, an apple body shape aka round body shape resembles the fruit it is named after. Some precise apple body shape features are having a round or circular outline with no specific definitions of the waist. You might also have a comparatively larger bust with more weight in your upper midsection than your body. Your measurements might be the same overall.

Best Underwear to Buy

A majority of the apple body shapes consist of a rounder midsection which is why higher-waisted undies go really great with their bodies. Going for a low-rise brief will also help, however, anything in the middle might roll down or not fit right. To avoid extra fabric collection at the back, you can opt for a wide elastic waistband. Another option could be a high-rise thong.

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape gives a square straight shape that is usually described to have an athletic build. With this body, women tend to have similar width lengths when it comes to their shoulders, bust and hip. This body shape, therefore, looks straightforward and slightly built.

Best Underwear to Buy

Among all the different styles of underwear, boyshorts or bikinis seem to work out the best for this body type. Classic briefs can lead to extra fibre in the back and make you feel heavy there. Bikinis with a bottom made of elastic fabric will give you a great fit without all the droopy business near the waist area. 

Triangle/Pear-Shaped Body

A pear body shape, aka the triangle body shape, resembles the titular pear. You are a pear if you’re slender near the waist area and wider near the legs and thighs. Having a pear body shape can make your shoulders and bust look comparatively smaller than the width of your hips.

Best Underwear to Buy

The concern that many women with pear-shaped bodies have is that the underwear can creep up pretty easily due to the width of the hips and can thus end up giving you a wedgie. While many would suggest you simply opt for boy shorts, the weight on the top of your thighs can cause panty marks and result in discomfort. For better coverage and equal comfort, choose hipster panties or classic briefs depending on the coverage you need.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle body has larger size proportions on the top when compared to the bottom. This is yet another athletic body shape that considers a bigger bust in the chest and shoulder area compared to the legs and hips width. Having this body will give you a smaller waist length and hip line than your shoulders.

Best Underwear to Buy

With narrow hips and a small waistline, anything with a higher waist will result in falling off if not with a tight waistline. Bikini briefs, therefore, work out great for this body type. Too much coverage can also make you feel bunchy in the back. You can opt for a size smaller from the different styles of underwear you need for good fittings as well.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass shape has a balanced size proportion, both on the upper side and lower side of the body. As the name suggests, the body curves look similar to the curves of an hourglass. The waist, therefore, is very defined along with thicker thighs that narrow down by the knees. This type of body shape is a little similar to a pear body shape as well.

Best Underwear to Buy

Hourglass choices usually coincide with that of a pear-shaped body. Styles with more rear coverage can be a problem since the underwear can creep up due to the defined hip areas. With that said, hipsters and boy shorts can come up as a flexible choice for both comfort and style. Bikini briefs on the other hand tend to ride up too easily making you feel uncomfortable.

Before we wrap up, here's a reminder- all bodies are different in their own ways. While the world generally categorizes them into different types, remember that none of us needs to fit exactly into any of these definitions. Wear what your body feels good in :D

The Takeaway-

Bottomline, (pun intended) what underwear you wear is completely up to you, regardless of what your body shape is. The best underwear for your body type is what you feel comfy in most. Anything that makes you feel confident and super easy is the undie that works best for you. Not everyone wants style in their underwear and then again, not everyone wants comfort as a priority as well. Make your bums happy with whatever your mood is.

Butt while you’re at it, make sure to check out Tilt because these undies have literally got your back no matter what. Get to choose your favourite undie without being hesitant about fibre ruches or tight waistlines.