Difference between Hipster and Bikini Underwear

Difference between Hipster and Bikini Underwear

Out here struggling to know what your underwear type is? Trust me when I say you are not alone in the jungle of panty styles. From the notorious thongs to the homey hipster panties, the world of underwear can be very confusing. Choosing the correct panties for your favourite outfit will always be tricky and I confess- that I relate!

If you are looking for some medium coverage with a perfect hint of comfy, you are in for the popular hipster and bikini. Although wait, what is the difference between hipster and bikini? They are both comfortable, popular and also very similar. But(t) there does lie a difference between bikini and hipster. 

Getting confused? I’ve got you covered (wink wink) with our ultimate panty style guide to help you choose among the two.

Hipster vs Bikini

Both of these panty styles are a favourite among many. However, there are times when the hipster panty does better or vice versa. Why? Well, let’s begin with the basics.

What is a Hipster Panty?

The hipster panties aka hip huggers have always been a go-to favourite among the ladies. Its waistband sits a little high from your hip and a little low from the waist. These undies come with a simple fitting while making you feel superior and comfy at the same time! Hipster panties give you a really good rear plus side coverage. Along with their sleek fit, they come with a variety of their own- the high, mid and low waist. These panties are perfect when you want to feel cosy without feeling too cheeky.

What is a Bikini Panty?

The bikini panty checks out somewhere between the teeny thongs and the go-to hipsters. They are the most popular set of panties for lazy as well as active days among all age groups. The bikini gives you a nice fit on the sides as it sits just below your hip. It, therefore, has a low waist style. This panty style does the work of making you feel sexy in the most relaxing ways. The bikini panty goes with any outfit thereby becoming an ideal cheeky choice for all women.

Key Differences

By now you must know these two panty styles. They both have their merits but the question is - what are some key differences between hipsters and bikinis?

  • The major difference between hipster and bikini is the way these panties sit on your body. While the bikini sits below your hip exposing the abdomen, the hipster sits just above your hip resulting in a high waist fit.
  • Bikini panties have higher leg cuts thereby giving you slightly less coverage, whereas hipsters have low cuts that give more coverage.
  • Hipster panties have a wider gusset while bikinis come with a narrower gusset.
  • The width and the fabric size of a bikini panty are less compared to a hipster panty.

Hipster vs Bikinis: What Should You Choose?

Honestly, whatever suits you best! The difference between hipster and bikini underwear is more about what works for you than what the world says should work for you. Both of these panty styles offer comfort and elegance. There’s a reason why both of these undies are a favourite, and the choice you make is all about your mood.

To simplify your troubles here are some reasons on when or why to choose either of the panty styles

When Choosing Hipster

  • You will have more comfort over style
  • Achieve a good big frontal coverage
  • Comfortable and camouflaging enough to wear under skirts
  • Gives a more fitting and sleek style

When Choosing Bikini

  • No VPLs!
  • More shaping for the butt cheeks
  • Slaying the style while being comfy
  • Low rise helps you wear low-waisted clothes
  • Also helps with high-leg cut clothes like lounge shorts, bum shorts etc.

Feeling enlightened now that you know the difference between bikini and hipster panties? Tell me about it. I hope this panty style guide helped you to finally purchase that pair of attractive cheekies you were looking for. The world of undies can be exciting but also misleading. Don’t forget your own preferences before believing someone else! And oh, while I still have you here, make sure to check out Tilt - a hybrid between the two that synthesizes the best of both worlds.