Designed by radical folks hell-bent on reinventing intimates for better comfort, we’re basically a motley crew with decent brains and big ideas. Why should vulva owners settle for intimates designed a gazillion years ago by men? No more of that, thanks. We’re TILTing the status quo.

Patented Tech

because it’s just that good. 

Designed in-house, every Tilt intimate is created in a 3-pronged approach: 

  1. Extensive user research fr: we interview 1000s of vulva owners to create the perfect product. 
  2. Re-design without settling: Yes, we work on a design until it’s truly ready, and even then, keep on improving based on feedback so drop us a line! 
  3. Gynaec-aligned growth: From the get-go, we make sure that every design is better for you than the rest. So experts weigh in at every stage. 

When you buy a Tilt, you support a biz that makes in India, for Indian bodies, without compromise. Thanks for showing up at Tilt!