Underwear Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask (But We’re Not!)

Underwear Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask (But We’re Not!)

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It is without a doubt that undies are your close(s)t partners. From sweaty workouts, lucky days, period comfort, to special dates. Underwear remains to be an essential clothing necessity for everyone, yet the least one to be talked about openly.

There are many underwear questions that tend to go unnoticed because many of us are too embarrassed to ask. What we forget often is that these garments protect our most intimate parts, which is what makes underwear facts extremely important for each of us.

There’s a lot more to underwear than just picking out a style or pattern. It also involves underwear fabric and hygiene. But in case this all sounds taxing, we’ve made a handy questionnaire of bits you’d rather not talk about, and answered them for you! From panty fabric to not wearing underwear, we have covered a list of not-so-embarrassing underwear facts that you should definitely be informed about.

Underwear Facts and Questions Covered!

Here are some of the most common questions:

Does the Underwear Fabric Matter?

Yes. Absolutely and most importantly yes.

Despite their attractiveness and pretty styles, lace and silk undies aren’t the best option for panty fabric out there. Here’s a very important underwear fact: underwear fabric can make a difference to your health.

Silk and lace are unhealthy panty fabrics that trap air and make breathing impossible down there. These underwear fabrics instead invite unwanted fungal infections by cumulating moisture and warmth. Not only that, these fabrics don’t sit right on the skin and thus cause a lot of chafing and rashes as well.

Wearing these panties occasionally won’t harm you much. However, wearing them regularly can easily put you at risk of getting infections like a jock itch or bacterial vaginosis.

It is therefore suggested by health experts all over the world that the best panty fabric out there would be undoubtedly a pair of clean airy cotton undies. Exactly what you can expect out of our Tilt undies. They are breathable, comfy, sweat-wicking and easily absorbent undies that got you covered.

How About Same Undies Twice in a Row?

From a health point of view- go for it. Common sense would say- no. 

It’s understandable if certain circumstances led you to miss out on laundry days or if you are stuck in a situation where you can’t get hold of a fresh pair of undies. This is one of those embarrassing underwear facts everyone wants to know about.

It is said that as long as your undie surface seems to appear clean (no stains or dampness) enough to pull them off again, it can go for two days in a row.

But that's NOT something we would suggest you do on a frequent basis or at all. Even if it’s for two days, you should try avoiding these scenarios because a) this is an open invite to yeast infections and b) you never know if you already have an infection unless some days pass by and c) let’s get it straight- the sweat and wetness can be very unpleasant and dirty.

What’s also important to note is that if you are already experiencing some sort of rashes or/and sore skin near your groin/butt area, ditch the idea of repeating the undies completely.

Is it really okay to go Commando?

Not wearing underwear can be beneficial. Not sure how? Here’s why-

The best time to go commando is when you hit the hay. This lets your genitals breathe through increased airflow, better blood circulation and additional coolness. Not just that, it will also help you achieve a great comfortable nap.

Ditching the undies during the day hours can however be a little bit of a no-no situation. Active hours can account for sweat, discharge and wetness which need absorption urgently. If you are worried about absorption then Tilt will do the job for you.

People also recommend not wearing underwear when they go for workouts because underwear fabric during workouts can cause mild chafing and discomfort. You can go commando if you have good-fitting outerwear but do wash out the clothes after a sweaty session. Avoid going commando during workouts if you experience rashes or irritation down there.

Can I Workout in my Thongs?


If you want to, you can try. We wish you luck for that wedgie though X_X

Wearing a thong is something we wouldn’t recommend because apart from the nasty wedgie, it will surely give you rashes and the sweat absorption will be equal to nothing. This leads to suffocation and moisture trapping down there. These things further imbalance the pH level thereby triggering a growth spurt in the existing amount of yeast.

Did someone call for Tilt? ;)

Dodge the infections like a pro by opting for super comfy Tilt cotton undies that help wick away the moisture and keep you dry as you sweat through your workouts.

Does our Underwear Expire?

No, they don’t die on their own, but they need to be replaced in a timely manner.

We should all listen to Britney and sadly move on from those favourite cute undies now. They have holes now for bum’s sake.

No matter how much of a great underwear fabric it is, undies are made from fibres that can be home to billions of microorganisms within a period of time. A very unknown underwear fact is that we should discard our undies after using them for a rough 6 months.

Even the best underwear fabric has the scope of refuging an enormous amount of bacteria down there which is actually pretty scary. Unless you are completely bleaching your favourite pair, which is also not recommended btw.

Have a regular roster of your undies and discard them as they begin to tear down, show holes or get frayed. Move on to better things, maybe Tilt for example? ;)

Bottom Line

Hope we addressed many of those embarrassing underwear facts that you've been secretly pondering over. Remember that undies are a complete hot gossip topic and to discuss them openly is fun and healthy. Wishing you happy bums and healthy lives!