We’ll start with a truth. Our margins on every pair of underwear are at least 3x lower than every major and local competitor. Why? Because we go out of our way (literally, we travel everywhere) to find smart fabric and smarter trims to build your best friend. This means - fabric that absorbs intuitively, takes shape naturally, retains form, is anti-microbial, and is so soft you could live in it.

We sent out surveys, interviewed hundreds of women face-to-face, and then sampled so many iterations. Only to arrive at our first prototype. The team wore various gussets themselves and the founder tried every single sample first. Why? Because we’re building to solve for all women. So we began with us. If we love something this much, we know you might do too. No lies, no overcomplicated language. Just one goal - build your dream undie.

So we began with a wishlist. The team got together and based on the extensive user research, made a list of all things the tilt undie must have. All things missing from the current landscape. Absorbency - so you never have to feel damp in the undie again. Anti-microbial - so hygienic we can’t even. Never digs in - our trims are the same ones they use for toddlers. Why should kids have it best? And Inclusivity - our undies are so stretchy that even if you gain a few, you won’t be shamed for it.

Our user’s wishes are all we care about. We just believe that if women had less to worry about, they could keep doing a whole lot more. We’ve started in our homes - running experiments, asking for feedback, testing ourselves, and working wholeheartedly because we’re sick of the way things are.

And a year later - we’ve built something we could be truly proud of. 

We don’t want to settle anymore. Do you?