Naturally Pure: Crafted with Bamboo Fabric

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Smart fabric

Elevate Your Comfort with Tilt's Smart Fabric: Gynaec-Recommended, Anti-Microbial, and Crafted with Bamboo for Intelligent Intimate Wear Defense.


All 3 and more! You can absolutely wear Tilt with any menstrual products. Its shape and breathability has been designed keeping menstrual bodies and needs in mind. In fact, if a period takes you by surprise, Tilt’s initial absorbency will give you a buffer so you have time time to wear any menstrual product.

Yes please. We know this is a no-brainer but Tilt’s absorbency and long-lasting fabric makes it easy to reuse. HOWEVER, please wash like you would any undie :)

Antimicrobial washes help us reduce the jock itch and other chafing issues women face. Not only does it mitigate irritation by preventing against fungi, but it also makes our fabric a lot more hygienic than the rest.