Why switching to eco-friendly undies is better for you than the planet?

Why switching to eco-friendly undies is better for you than the planet?

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As the world witnesses the impact that fashion industries have on the resources of our planet, it is high time we consider our consumerist behaviour to be more sustainable. From your favourite shirts to the cutest cargos, a lot of people seem to be relying more on sustainable clothing these days. SUSTAINABILITY IS THE NEW NORMAL.

However, among all the wardrobe choices that we make, we seem to miss out on the most essential part. It is none other than those pair of undies that you wear, and that is one reason why sustainable underwear is the need of the hour.

People tend to ignore the fact that our genital area is in fact the most absorbent and sensitive area of our body. As we step out feeling good in those beautifully patterned undies, we forget that not having eco-friendly underwear can actually harm us in many ways than it can harm the planet.

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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Underwear

Here’s a small walk-through to help you understand how eco-friendly underwear is a priority and how it really works

You will find a lot many people grunting and making fun of not having to deal with the sustainability trends, but here’s an approach- would you want to eat your food filled with pesticides and harmful toxins that will ultimately jeopardize your health?

No right? The same goes for your body when you choose to ignore sustainable underwear over the fancy clothing your eyes find appealing. People tend to compromise with underwear choices when they are the most to be concerned about.

When it comes to underwear, women tend to think if it fits right, it’ll be fine. But undies are a part of clothing that sit the closest to your most intimate skin. Wearing non-eco-friendly underwear means giving harmful fibre toxins a chance to get absorbed into your vaginal skin. Not to forget, your vagina is directly linked to your reproductive organs.

Environmentally friendly underwear is made out of natural and organic fibres like cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled polyester etc. These fibre materials are sustainable, organic and skin-friendly. They, therefore, allow you to dodge infections, harmful toxins and any unwanted after effects to your body as well.

It is however important to note that many of the conventional cotton farming methods include the practice of using pesticides and fertilizers that contaminate the environment too much along with wastage of electricity. In comparison, organic cotton uses 88% less water, electricity and chemicals.

In simple words, if you are not so much of a fan of saving the earth, do think about your own health.

Reasons for Choosing Environmental-Friendly Underwear

If the above was not enough, here’s more to help you find out why-

  • Reduces Resource Wastage- eco-friendly sustainable underwear is made out of fibre that can easily be recycled or is already recycled material. Including that, the manufacturing of these fibres uses drastically fewer resources than synthetic fibres Choosing to go eco-friendly therefore helps you reduce textile wastage as well as your own environmental footprints.
  • Natural Fabric- sustainable underwear uses fibres like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton etc, do not incorporate any use of harmful pesticides or chemicals for the fibre. This means the fabric is completely natural and skin-friendly. This is why you should choose Tilt for the soft bamboo fabric!
  • More comfort- if the fabric is 100% natural, then the comfort will automatically be more. Natural fabric material tends to allow more breathability, comfort and durability.
  • Anti Microbial- fabrics like that of bamboo have the natural strength of dodging excess bacteria or fungal growth. This in turn makes it odour resistant as well, ask Tilt, or buy it to know for yourself.
  • Supports Ethical Businesses- buying eco-friendly sustainable underwear implies that the company is ethical towards its practices while manufacturing those. It also means that the company optimizes its resources fairly and doesn’t contribute to harmful organizational practices.

Considering these factors make sustainable underwear for women a big win for both the planet and yourself.

For what it’s Earth…

Having read through all of this must-have enlightened you about how helpful eco-friendly underwear can actually be. Whether it’s about the environment or your own health, none of those can be compromised, especially when climate change has been peaking. Practising sustainable lifestyle changes doesn’t only ensure better health but also a better future where younger generations are going to live. If you haven’t yet thought about it, take a step today itself and help bring a change before it’s too late.