Jock Itch: Symptoms and Solutions

Jock Itch: Symptoms and Solutions

Getting itchy down there is possibly the most uncomfortable, especially in public when you don’t know how to scratch it. We’ve all been there... However genital itching and rashes can usually overlap with a lot of other infections.

Now, where does jock itch fit in that criteria?  Spoiler alert, it’s about to get hella moist. Jock itch symptoms may resemble something else, but the reason behind jock itch can vary accordingly.

f you’re itching to know what causes jock itch in females, here’s a rundown on what jock itch is and what symptoms you can experience.

What is a Jock Itch?

Here’s a fact: women can get a jock itch, BUTT, it’s mostly a guy thing. Phew.

However, that doesn’t mean what causes jock itch in females is any different from when it happens to males. Jock itch, aka Tinea Cruris, is an infection that belongs to the group of fungal infections called tinea.

A jock itch, however, is specifically caused by a mould-like fungus known as dermatophytes. These are a group of fungi that exist naturally on your skin, nails and hair. They are quite harmless until they get the perfect moist area to thrive in.

Moist and warm areas help these fungi multiply easily and that is why a jock itch develops usually around your groin, inner thigh or buttocks region. This infection is more common among male counterparts (mostly adolescents) compared to females. What can be concerning is the fact that it is a highly contagious infection. Regardless of these features, it is still a mild and short-term infection.

The jock itch derives its name from its history of being frequently associated with male athletes. Nonetheless, no jock itch reason or symptom is actually connected to being an athlete or a guy, people can also get it if they sweat a lot.

Jock Itch Symptoms

You are not the only one awfully confused about the symptoms that are exactly similar in the case of genital infections. Here’s hoping this info saves you time!

Jock itch symptoms do stand out.The infection is specifically spotted near the groin, buttocks, anus or inner thigh area. Here’s what to look out for-

  • Itching and burning of the skin
  • Red flaky or scaly rashes
  • The rashes will be in the shape of crescents (on thighs) or rings
  • There will be tiny bumps or blisters around rashes
  • Skin peeling or cracking

While this infection can be bothersome, it can be treated very easily without any serious concerns.

When to visit a doctor?

If your rashes become severely itchy as well as painful despite conventional treatment, visit a doctor urgently. The infection cause may vary or it might be something else. We always recommend you visit a doctor first, and google your symptoms second.

What Causes Jock Itch?

There’s more to a jock-itch reason than just being a male adolescent. Here’s a list of risk factors to know what causes the jock itch in females-

  • Sweating or having a lot of moisture near your groin, inner thigh/ butt area
  • Wearing tight underwear or clothing (hello, what is Tilt here for?)
  • Wearing a bathing suit for too long
  • Sharing damp towels or clothing with someone else (please don’t do this)
  • Having close contact with someone who already has a jock itch
  • Diabetes
  • Having a weak immunity system

Remember that prolonged exposure to friction and moisture from the clothes you are wearing can also trigger a growth spurt for the fungus resulting in a jock itch. Avoid wearing the same clothes for longer durations.

Jock Itch Prevention

Knowing that jock itch symptoms and causes are pretty b*tchy is enough a reason for you to follow these prevention tips-

  • Practising a hygiene lifestyle- the primary jock itch reason is an outgrowth of microorganisms which are caused due to sweating. Reduce the risk by regularly washing and keeping yourself clean and dry. Especially around your groin area.
  • Don’t share your personal items- this can’t be stressed enough. Whether they are hand towels, clothes or other personal things, strictly avoid using someone else’s stuff. There are a lot of unwanted microbes there that can put you at risk.
  • Avoid tight clothing and undies- choose Tilt for comfort and hygiene. Ditch your tight clothes and underwear that doesn’t let your organs breathe. Tight clothes cause chafing and friction that can make the area more prone to jock itch.
  • Wear clean clothes- wearing the same clothes every day isn’t only unhygienic but also very risky. Cumulated sweat can trigger a number of infections. It is therefore important to always wash and dry your clothes periodically. More care for workout clothes.
  • Seek treatment if you have an athlete’s foot- the fungus that causes an athlete’s foot can also cause a jock itch or vice versa. The fungus from the foot region easily spreads to the thighs. Dodge a bullet by not using the same towel for your foot and your groin area.

Jock Itch Treatments

Jock itch can be treated pretty easily since it is a mild infection. You can help treat the same with some over-the-counter ointments or suppositories and anti-fungal creams/ powders. These should help you lose the infection in a few weeks.

If the same doesn’t happen past two weeks of treatment, make sure to contact your doctor since it can be a case of a secondary infection occurrence.

Time to wrap up. Make sure to have separate towels and stay dry down there to avoid all sorts of jock itch symptoms and causes. Ditch out all those fancy tight undies because Tilt has its exciting collection ready for your bums to feel safe and comfy. Bottom line- don’t worry if you have a jock itch, just strive to lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle!