How to Determine Your Panty Size?

How to Determine Your Panty Size?

The underwear not fitting perfectly will always be one of the reasons life will seem hard. From annoying rashes to painful elastic marks, we have all been there. Then there’s the troubles brought in by chafing, wedgies and the loose panty lines visible through your favourite dress.

All this because women panty sizes can be difficult to determine and we aren’t really allowed to try them on, you know, for hygiene purposes. Well anyway, you must have already guessed what we’re on about by now.

Scroll down to save your asses with a complete guidebook on why women’s underwear sizes matter plus a helpful size chart for women’s underwear.  

Why is Size Important?

“What could go wrong with a size smaller?” A lot. Read ahead to know why-

You could be itching and twitching the whole day and would probably still miss the fact that it might be your underwear. And that is exactly why women panty size matters.

  • Wearing tight underwear is okay if it’s occasional. Everyday usage of tight undies can cause you discomfort and unwanted rashes/bumps.
  • Tight underwear doesn’t allow proper blood circulation near your genital area and this can cause suffocation and blockage of airflow down there.
  • Not having the right size can cause dressing flaws and with that comes confidence issues.
  • Loose underwear that doesn’t fit your hips right can cause fabric collection at the rear end which can be quite uncomfortable for everyday chores.
  • Frequently wearing tight undies can cause an accumulation (due to heavy moisture) of bacteria and yeast which can further trigger infections.

What you wear is your choice, but make sure your size choices empower you. Choosing your undies is a very personal choice, whatever size you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident. If it’s hampering one of those, you might want to reconsider the size.

How to find out if it’s the wrong size?

It’s quite easy to tell, actually. Here’s how to spot the clues your undie has been secretly leaving behind-

  • There are a lot of crease lines on the undie fabric - Definitely a loose pair.
  • - complete nada

Remember that a well-fitted panty will always do justice to your body and your soul. While panty styles differ tremendously, panty sizes can differ from brand to brand. To know how to measure yourself, scroll ahead.

Steps to Measure Yourself

It isn’t rocket science, but we know it gets complicated. Hope these easy steps help you out!

  • Measure your hips- You will need a measuring tape (duh) and yourself. Measure the fullest part of your hip region, and make sure that the tape remains equal all way around.
  • Measure your waist- in a similar way, wrap the tape around your waist snugly wherever creases show up as you bend a little. Make sure the measurements level equally.
  • Determine the size- once you have your hip and waist sizes down, you can go through our panties measurement chart to know which size fits you best.

Here’s a compiled size chart for women’s panties to help you-

How Do I Know if it’s fitting right?

Despite having checked all panties measurement charts and exploring the various women’s underwear sizes, how do you know if an undie is really fitting correctly or not?

This is how the undie should fit your-

  • Butt- if you’re certain about having comfort along with everyday style, you might want your undie to cover the hips in an even way without riding up your cheeks.
  • Legs- the undie openings should be equally arched such that you don’t face unnecessary chafing or rashes
  • Waist- a good fitting undie will have a good waistband. If it keeps rolling down, digging into your skin or riding up, the size is not correct.
  • Crotch- the fabric shouldn’t bunch around or be too tight near your crotch. If anything, it should be snug and very comfortable.

Whatever Fits Right, Sits Right

And that’s what Tilt promises you all! Here’s to hoping our panties measurement chart helped you decide the right size for you. Check out our page for undies that feel snug and comfy as they give you layers worth of protection and love to the buns!