The Anatomy of Period Panties - All You Need to Know

The Anatomy of Period Panties - All You Need to Know

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“So you’re telling me, an underwear is all it takes?”

UH yes. Period panties for the win. At least that’s what the women are saying. Well, it is what it is, we are in the year 2022 where period proof underwear exists and if this is not a win, I don’t know what is. Imagine having not to deal with any of those pads or tampons (let alone the work they come with) by simply wearing a set of panties…exactly.

“But do period underwear work?” – you bet they do. Let’s have you walk through the period underwear basics to be the comfiest ketchup packet during those 3-7 days, lol let’s go.

What are Period Panties Exactly?

A saviour. That’s what they are. No, but seriously. Here are some details as to what a period proof underwear exactly is-

Whether you are looking for menstrual panties for heavy flow or a way out of irritating pad rashes, the period underwear doubles as a one-stop solution to all your needs. Period panties are undergarments designed like comfy undies, except they help soak your period blood—a double win. To top it off, period panties are reusable and washable, making them a good swap for single-use products like tampons and pads. WIN WIN and WIN. 

The period underwear is therefore designed with multiple layers to help you remain leakproof and odour-free. The layers comprise special fabric and absorbent microfibre to guarantee you the utmost protection from any possible leaks or stains. These undies help you become more environmental-friendly while tackling the many troubles of period struggle. Aren’t they a complete saviour?

How Do Period Underwear Work?

Well, the short answer? Like a pro. Here’s the magic behind that odorlessness and stainlessness:

Behind every good undie is a set of good layers, (ask our Tilt undie hehe ) and the period underwear has enough fans to know it’s good. The idea of having a pair of menstrual panties for heavy flow can seem like a dream, but not if the layer game is strong. The period underwear is made of an absorbent material that is enough to lock out heavy flow. Within the absorbent layer is polyester microfibre that helps protect your vagina stay dry. The microfibre traps in the blood to avoid any further leaking as it wicks away the moisture.

A period undie can thus control a flow worth two tampons while protecting you from odour or unwanted stains. Despite its layer technology, period underwear isn’t bulky when it is worn.

Why Should You Switch to Period Underwear

Fact: we use an average of 15,000 sanitary pads in our lifetime, now imagine all women using 15,000 pads and they all go down in some landfill. Here’s the solution-

Period proof underwear is the most sustainable option that saves you time, money and effort too. It is slowly gaining popularity and is therefore being regarded as a smart ecological choice while it benefits us. The list of benefits just goes on and on-

  • With its moisture-absorbent technology for the crotch area, it helps our vagina remain dry. This in turn helps decrease the chances of getting any infection down there.
  • Due to their comfortable design, they are hassle-free and less irritating than products like sanitary napkins and tampons that result in itching or pad rashes.
  • Unlike other menstrual products, period underwear can be reused multiple times before being discarded.
  • A period pantie is comparatively more economical than other menstrual products.

Do Period Underwear Work?

Bottom line: YES. They do. Big time.

Period panties exist because they were made to replace pads and tampons. The whole idea of wearing regular underwear which is actually protecting you from stains just gives the vibe of comfort on your most difficult days. They are an easy swap for your pads, tampons or menstrual cups.

In case you are hesitant to try them right away, (I get it, we all have trust issues) you can start by trying them out on days when you have a lighter flow. You can always start with them as a backup and transition into making them your menstrual panties for heavy flow.  

Speaking of backup, you can use period undies along with a menstrual cup on those extra heavy days, which is exactly what Tilt offers you. Yes, we are besties with menstrual products. Roll over, stretch out easy, Tilt undies can help you remain stainless even with menstrual cups on board :D

Can I Wear Them All Day?

Depending upon your flow and comfort, you can choose how to wear them yourself. It is however important to remember that underwear, whether they are your regular ones or these menstrual panties for heavy flow, they deserve to be changed on time. Yes, period underwear for heavy flow exists along with more absorbent levels like low and medium.

Care for Your Period Underwear

This undie does a lot for you, and you should definitely return the favour.

  • Soak- throw those bloody undies into cold water to easily drain out all the blood.
  • Wash- hand wash your undies for better care in some mild detergent. In the case of machine washing, use a machine-friendly mesh and turn the settings to gentle wash.
  • Dry- to keep your undie for a long run, avoid putting them into a dryer. It can hamper the fibre quality. Let the undie dry out naturally.
  • Aftercare- in case you are worried about odour or unwelcomed bacteria, you can try soaking your pair of undies in a water-vinegar mixture.

With that said, I hope period underwear is something you are now familiar with. We lose a lot of blood, cool and time over these periods, so let’s openly welcome these wonderful undies with our wide arms, because honestly, we deserve them. These Tilt undies are dying to help you out give them a chance sister!

Love the formatting across, just add a para in the middle and reiterate in end that Tilt undies are a great ally for pads and cups since they abord 3-4 ml. That way even tho we’re NOT a period undie, you’ll likely never leak onto your bed, etc when sleeping on menstrual products. And if it ever starts out of the blue - we’ll give u more run time